Academic Overview

St. Elizabeth strives to prepare students to achieve their college and career goals by fostering academic excellence within a faith-based, value-centered educational community. We are proud to offer a comprehensive and rigorous college preparatory program of course offerings including honors level, advanced placement, and online courses through our partnership with the VHS Collaborative. At St. Elizabeth, students fulfill their academic goals and requirements within a progressive, challenging, supportive learning environment in which students are challenged to think critically and communicate effectively in oral and written form. It is our goal at St. Elizabeth that students take an active role in the learning process and realize that learning is a lifelong commitment.

Utilizing innovative instructional strategies our talented and dedicated teachers focus on 21st century learning skills and content knowledge. Our 1-1 iPad program enhances learning and is part of our student centered learning environment as well as our educational philosophy whereby technology is integrated into the curriculum through active, student-centered learning. Students use and are familiar with numerous interactive apps, e-texts and ibooks and are instructed in the responsible use of technology. A St. Elizabeth graduate is proficient in the art of research, presentation, and collaboration.The 21st century world requires successful students to be literate, articulate and prepared to succeed in a technological world. At St. Elizabeth we believe that the formation of a whole person also requires a value-centered and ethically moral foundation as well in order to meet the challenges of higher education and the world. A St. Elizabeth graduate is prepared to meet these challenges.

St. Elizabeth High School is accredited by:

  • The Diocese of Wilmington

  • The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools


and is a member of:

  • The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA)

  • The Delaware Association of Independent Schools (DAIS)

  • The College Board

  • The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA)

Courses are offered in three levels:

Level 1 – College preparatory
Courses that are not honors or Advanced Placement.

Level 2 – Honors
Courses designed for students who are capable of excelling in a particular area and of moving at a faster pace in particular subjects.

Level 3 – Advanced Placement
Highly challenging courses taught at the college level and for which students may obtain college credit while still in high school.