In My Own Words

Anna Desmond, Class of 2015

"St. Elizabeth is a small school where big things happen. This year I met the Governor of Delaware, cheered my school’s team on to a State Championship, and not only did I learn what a polyhedron was, I made one! If I had gone to a bigger school I never would have had the courage to participate in activities like Math League, Mock Trial and Chorus. There’s something special in the environment here that encourages you to take chances, to reach higher…and you end up doing things you never thought you could! It’s a feeling like you’re “home,” and it comes from a mixture of great friendships, teachers that really care about helping you to succeed, and a school built around the values of Benedictine hospitality. Every day at St. E gives me energy and motivation to get involved, to try new things and make a difference. I can’t say enough about the teachers here…they are great! They’ve helped me to widen my interests and to understand the material in ways that make it “mine.” And, of course, they make each day in the classroom a lot of fun. I love everything about St. E!"


  • National Honor Society
  • Honor Roll 12/12 Quarters
  • Volleyball – St. E MVP 2013 Varsity, 2011 JV
  • Student Leadership Group, Junior Homeroom Representative
  • Math League
  • Chorus
  • Viking Ambassador
  • Pep Club
  • Mock Trial