In My Own Words

Chris Carver, Class of 2016

"Selecting St. Elizabeth High School was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The decision truly was mine too, as my parents gave me the opportunity to choose my school – a freedom that I did not take lightly. The right high school can play a huge part in shaping the development of the rest of your life. I am grateful for the confidence my parents had in my maturity and my ability to make the right choice. 

After thoroughly shadowing three private schools in the area, I ended up deciding on St. Elizabeth, not just because I wanted to play soccer at the varsity level in an exceptional athletics program, but because of the total environment at the school. St. E offered me much more than a varsity soccer start. It offered me a fuller, more complete high school experience where I could be more than “one-dimensional” and explore new interests, connect with new groups. St. Elizabeth is much more than just a school to me, it’s like a second home.  The more time I spend attending St. E, the more I realize just how special this school is. I have classmates with common goals and strong ambitions. They have become friends that I trust and depend upon.  I have teachers who care and motivate me.  I am growing outside of sports and I am trying new things.  St. E has given me the comfort to work outside of my comfort zone.


  • Mock Trial Team
  • Partnership for Peace
  • Chess Club
  • Open House Guide
  • SADD
  • Soccer
  • Pep Club