Current Needs and Initiatives

The current initiatives of St. Elizabeth High School and those things high on the faculty priority list include:

  • Increased funding for class field trips and sponsorship for individual students to attend educational symposia (projected cost: $1,500 per trip)

  • Upgraded equipment for science department – spectrophotometer (projected cost: $1,000), eight electronic balances (projected cost: $200 each), fume hood (projected cost: $2,000-5,000, depending on size), acid storage cabinet (projected cost: $1,000)

  • Upgrade of 30 iPads for faculty members, which will also create a pool of rental devices for students (projected cost: $600 per device)

  • 12-passenger vans for transporting students to athletics competitions and club competitions such as Math League, Mock Trial, etc. (projected cost: $20,000 per vehicle)

  • Two new Dell servers (projected cost: $9,000 each)

  • Replacement of classroom projectors – done on a rotating basis so none will be extremely out-of-date (projected cost: $700 per projector)

  • Additional wireless access points and five year license (projected cost: $1,000 each)

  • Additional security cameras inside and outside of the building (projected cost: $4,000 per camera)

  • Upgraded equipment for the Benedictine Performing Arts Center - additional wireless microphone systems (projected cost: $750 each), 24 channel digital sound mixing console (projected cost: $2,000), special effects stage lighting instruments (projected cost: $500 each)

Capital needs include:

  • Replacement of retaining wall surrounding the school building – Clayton, Cedar, Rodney and Banning Streets (projected cost: $40,000)

  • Renovation of restrooms (projected cost: $55,000 per restroom)

  • New STEM Lab with emphasis on environmental science and engineering (projected cost: $220,000)


All of the above needs present naming and/or donor recognition opportunities. To discuss funding any of these initiatives, partially or in their entirety, please contact Kevin Scott, Director of Development, at 302-656-3369, or at