In My Own Words

Doreen Liu, Class of 2016

"In middle school, I had been very reserved, too shy to participate in many activities. I was too reserved to allow anyone to get to know me. School was a chore, it was just something that I had to do before my day really began.

When I arrived at St. E I couldn’t believe how different it was and how welcomed I felt. Suddenly school became a place of growth. Suddenly I looked forward to coming to school, to meeting my fellow freshmen and to learning all the teachers had to teach me. Such a caring and family-like community was just what I needed.

St. E offered me so many opportunities to challenge myself and grow that in just two years I have become more than I could have ever predicted. I was able to find my voice and meet amazing friends. I was challenged academically and as it turns out, the demanding honors track is exactly what I needed to grow to love learning. But nothing blossomed more than my extracurricular life. The welcoming and homelike environment is exactly what I needed to open up. In middle school, my only activity was math league – and now I couldn’t tell you how many clubs I’ve joined, activities I’ve participated in, and memories I’ve made. I’ve done so many things I thought I’d never get the chance to do: standing in a courtroom and delivering a closing statement for my Mock Trial team, running for and being elected class president, taking the demanding AP Biology course as a sophomore, and finding out that I could, in fact, run 3.1 miles. That’s what I love about St. E; the welcoming atmosphere allowed me to be myself, to challenge myself to grow to become the kind of person I want to be. I know that it’s all because of the 'welcome all' attitude of St. E’s.

Before becoming part of the St. E community I would have cowed at the prospect of doing any of those things I just described; now I look forward to the challenges and growth that my junior and senior years will bring."


  • Math League
  • Science Olympiad
  • Track
  • Technology Club
  • Animation Club
  • Sophomore Class President
  • Mock Trial
  • Cross Country
  • Book Club
  • Leadership Night
  • First Honors 8/8 Quarters
  • Partnership for Peace