Freshman-Senior Mentor Program

At St. Elizabeth, we strive to make the newest members of the Viking family feel welcome before they ever step onto campus for the first day of freshman year. The Freshman-Senior Mentor Program is designed to help new students with the transition to high school. Freshmen are paired with seniors who will serve as mentors for the following year. Senior buddies help freshmen to familiarize with the academic, athletic, and social workings of St. Elizabeth High School. Between the spring of 8th grade and the fall of 9th grade, a series of events are scheduled to help integrate the freshmen into the maroon and gold community.

Game Night

The first official school event is a Game Night sponsored by the Student Leadership Group every spring before school ends.  Freshmen and seniors are given the chance to meet face to face and to get to know one another in a purely social atmosphere. Students are able to race through an inflatable obstacle course, play a board game, challenge a friend to the Wii or Xbox, or just enjoy one another’s company.


Tubing down the Brandywine River

During the summer, Viking students will embark on an aquatic adventure by tubing down the Brandywine River.  Students relax and enjoy the leisurely float amidst the summer heat.



Students reconnect in the month of July by getting together at a local bowling alley for some friendly competition. Bowl a spare or even a strike!


Blue Rocks Game

Just before school starts, the Maroon and Gold Family meets at Frawley Stadium to catch our local minor league baseball team, the Blue Rocks, in action. 


New Student Orientation

Each school year begins with an orientation day for new students. All freshmen and transfers will spend a day on campus familiarizing themselves with the school procedures, class schedules and classrooms. New students will take school pictures and compete in a campus-wide scavenger hunt.


Freshman-Senior Lunch

Finally, freshmen and seniors will enjoy a special lunch during the first month of school.