In My Own Words

Alumnus, Greg Ferris, Class of 2010

"The unique educational environment of St. Elizabeth prepared me well for college and was the foundation of my successful college career at Temple University in Philadelphia. St. Elizabeth provided me with opportunities to engage in a rigorous curriculum, exposed me to interesting service activities, and allowed me to develop close relationships with faculty and fellow students. All of these opportunities shaped me into a college student devoted to taking a wide variety of challenging courses, to participating in service trips and internships, and to building lasting friendships across the world.

The coursework led by dedicated teachers at St. Elizabeth prepared me to be a self-reliant student in the face of the rigors of challenging college classes and demanding professors. As a result of that solid foundation, I felt confident when preparing for exams and writing papers. My academic self-confidence led me to membership in the Political Science Honors Society and Pre-Law Society and to elect an advanced research course which resulted in the publication of my research and a fully funded trip to Doha, Qatar to present it at an academic conference. At St. Elizabeth, the strong emphasis on service allowed me to participate in numerous service activities – from the Hillside House to the New Castle County Youth Philanthropy Board to a school-sponsored service trip to Germantown, Philadelphia – and instilled in me an appreciation for service that continued during college. At Temple, I sought out those opportunities and was able to participate in service trips to El Paso, Texas and Costa Rica and to serve an internship with the outreach unit of the United States Attorney’s Office. My participation in Project Spain at St. E, a foreign exchange program, had allowed me to experience a different culture first-hand and had given me a more globalized perspective, enabling me to relate to people with diverse backgrounds.

I graduated from Temple University in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science. I was one of 59 Temple students admitted into Phi Beta Kappa. The skills I acquired as a student at St. Elizabeth High School and the opportunities I was afforded there were the unique foundation that allowed me to attain those honors."