In My Own Words

Maddie Rizzo, Class of 2014

"My experiences at St. Elizabeth are defined not only by my personal growth, but also by the ways I have helped shape my community. St. E has uncovered a potential for leadership in me, and as I developed as a leader, I found myself wanting to give back to the school that had so influenced me. Integrating technology into the classrooms at St. Elizabeth has always been a real interest for me, and towards the end of my Freshman year, I began discussing different possibilities for implementation of technology with my peers and mentors. The support and encouragement I got helped energize several new technology-based initiatives, and by the start of Sophomore year, I was able to institute St. Elizabeth's new Digital Arts Club. Since then, I have become a part of multiple technology-oriented advances at St. E, including the Technology Club and the new student-run online newspaper. It’s these sorts of unique and exciting opportunities that give aspiring leaders and innovators like myself a chance to get involved and make a difference in the development of their school community.

I can’t say enough about the value of that community – friends, teachers and mentors have encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone in ways I never thought myself capable. For me, every day at St. Elizabeth yields new opportunities for innovation, growth, and service. Since the very start of my high school career, I have been seizing these opportunities and realizing my own potential to lead, to start something new, to make things better. It’s the unfailing support of the St. Elizabeth community that has helped make this school an ideal platform for personal growth."



  • National Merit Scholarship Recipient
  • 2014 Florence Ulmer Memorial Award for excellence in French
  • Vice President, Senior Class
  • National Honor Society
  • Jefferson Awards Committee 
  • Digital Arts Club Founder
  • Math League
  • AP French Qualifying Score
  • Honor Roll 15/16 Quarters
  • Girl Scout
  • Drama 
  • Tech Crew
  • Partnership for Peace
  • International Club
  • Yearbook


Maddie Rizzo now attends Fordham University, Class of 2018