In My Own Words

Mary Teoli, Class of 2013

"In my few short years at St. Elizabeth High School I have changed and grown so much as a person. I really think that a large factor in this transformation is the character of the school itself... the teachers, the staff and the students themselves. When I came to St. E, I never really wanted to be on the stage or to sing in front of a crowd; the whole idea was foreign to my way of thinking. But the encouragement and support I received at St. E helped me to discover and develop my talent. Now that I have had the opportunity to perform in musicals at St. E, I know that it is exactly what I would like to do for the rest of my life.

I came out of my shell at St. E. I made new friends and met new people who enjoyed the same things that I did. More encouragement... more support! I love to sing and perform, and St. E gave me a chance to do what I love most. St. E also gave me a solid support system to build my future around. Everyone in the faculty and student body truly supports the arts – something that I admire most about this school. St. E does everything that they can to promote my talents. The fact that St. E believes in me has helped me develop the self-confidence to strive to be the best performer that I can be. When I came to high school at St. E, I never expected to have the wealth of experiences and quality of opportunities that I have now – experiences and opportunities that are the beginning of my future in the arts. I also never expected to leave with a family, and that is what St. E has become to me."


  • 2013 Stephano Memorial Award for excellence in chorus and vocal activity
  • Treasurer, National Honor Society
  • Stage Musicals at St. E and Delaware All-State Theater
  • St. E Chorus and All-State Chorus
  • Performances at Community Events
  • Honor Roll 14/16 Quarters
  • Jefferson Award Recipient
  • Karate Black Belt
  • Dance Team 
  • Field Hockey
  • Softball
  • Benedictine Performing Arts Grant
  • 200+ Service Hours
  • Student Guide


Mary Teoli now attends Pace University, Class of 2017