In My Own Words

Alumna, Nicole Immediato, Class of 2010

"From the day I started kindergarten at St. Elizabeth Elementary until the day I graduated from St. Elizabeth High, I spent my time learning about everything, especially about myself.  I was taught  important values that I still hold true, and I began the slow transition to the person I am today.  Those values and the knowledge I gained at St. E helped lead me to my successes in college and my career choice as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

First and foremost, my experiences at St. Elizabeth taught me to hold God close through everything I do in life.  St. E instilled the Benedictine Spirit in me through prayer, service, and community activities.  When I become stressed and busy or tired and frustrated, I know I can turn to God to ask Him to help me through it.  In this way, I was able to survive the crazy chaos of college.  Also, at St. Elizabeth I learned how to appreciate my education.  I worked hard to earn the chance to go to college, and I spent my time at St. E preparing myself to excel once I got to the university of my choice.  I worked closely with my teachers to learn as thoroughly and efficiently as I could, and they accepted the responsibility to challenge me.  I gained the ability to focus and study hard, which helped me immensely at the University of Delaware – I enrolled in their Honors college and graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science as well as the honor of Cum Laude.  I was on Dean's List every semester, and I was selected to join Phi Beta Kappa as a senior.  My achievements as an undergraduate led to my acceptance at Towson University as a graduate student in their Speech-Language Pathology program.  This fall I begin my graduate school journey, and in two years I hope to begin my career path as a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  None of these achievements, either in college or beyond, would have been possible without the foundation of faith and education that St. E provided me during my 13 years there. 

Even though I no longer wear the maroon and gold colors of St. E or ask St. Benedict to pray for me at the start of each school day, I still feel the Benedictine Spirit and Viking Pride that lies at the heart of my faith and my education values.  I could not be more grateful for the great experiences and memories that St. E offered me."