Philosophy and Vision Statement

St. Elizabeth High School is a small, close-knit, Catholic school which provides a college preparatory education to students who seek a learning environment in which religious truth and values and the Benedictine charism are an integral part of the school program. SEHS provides an experience of Christian community that is nurturing, challenging, disciplined, and respectful of individual differences. In this environment, students are prepared for a life of continuing education, service to others, and growth in spirituality. While developing their potential to the fullest, students are encouraged to be conscious of their relationship to the world community and sensitive to the needs of others and to involve themselves in works of peace and justice.

Vision Statement

Living out the Christian mission and the spirit of St. Benedict, St. Elizabeth High School will:

  • Maintain its Catholic identity and Benedictine spirit.
  • Have students’ growth in faith and morality as a primary goal.
  • Provide a rigorous curriculum consistent with a college preparatory education.
  • Nurture excellence in academic, creative, and co-curricular activities.
  • Demonstrate and utilize 21st century skills and abilities in a morally responsible manner.
  • Accept all people as brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of differences in race, economic status, ethnic origin, or beliefs.
  • Foster service to all of God’s people, especially those most in need.
  • Seek cooperation and partnership of parents in the education of students.
  • Maintain a strong relationship with St. Elizabeth Parish and St. Elizabeth Elementary and Middle Schools.