Scrip Fundraising Program

The Scrip Program is a nationally recognized fundraising program that allows you to make money for the school and yourself while you shop!

Scrip is simply gift cards that are purchased from various retailers at a discount.  Families can order their cards through the school, and the discount is split between the buyer – our school families – and the school – SEHS.  Families who purchase Scrip earn a percentage back on their purchases that are then applied to the following year’s tuition.  Percentages vary based on the store cards purchased.  The percentage is split 50-50 between SEHS and the family.

Here’s an example:  If a family were to purchase $100 in Acme gift cards every week that Scrip is available (approximately 45 in a year) and the Acme discount is 4%, the family would have earned $90 by the end of that year to be put towards their tuition payment.  ($100/week x 45 weeks = $4,500; 2% (family portion) of $4500 = $90)

The form and your payment must be received by the school on Wednesday.  Orders are placed on Thursday.  Your cards are sent home with your student the following Wednesday.

A complete listing of vendors and percentages is available at

Please contact Susan Testerman at with questions or for additional information.