Student Code of Conduct

Student Responsibility

Once a student is admitted to St. Elizabeth High School, he/she is responsible for his/her actions both in and out of school.  Any serious violation of school policy or of civic or moral laws could result in serious disciplinary action.  This is especially true in cases where the good reputation of the school with the surrounding community is placed in jeopardy.

Students who enroll at SEHS enjoy the privileges of the school but also accept the responsibilities. Discipline and disciplinary measures are intended to teach students self-discipline so that, in maturing, they may see responsibility as coexistent with freedom.  Respect for the rules and for each other makes St. Elizabeth a school students can attend with pride.

Student safety is a primary concern of the school.  The physical, social, and mental health of students must be protected at all times.  The Drug and Alcohol policy deals with behavior in school and at/near school functions.  Any behavior that jeopardizes the reputation of St. Elizabeth High School will be dealt with in the same manner as if it had occurred at school or a school function.  St. Elizabeth High School will do all in its power to help a student who has an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Smoking is prohibited at St. Elizabeth High School.

The Discipline Policy is reviewed and updated throughout the year.  Parents and students enrolled at St. Elizabeth can find the most up-to-date policy on the EDLINE homepage.