Viking for a Day

An important way to see if St. Elizabeth High School is a good fit for you is to visit for a day. In our Viking For A Day Program, we pair interested eighth grade students with current St. E students. The visitor spends the entire day with us – going to classes, eating lunch, touring the campus, and participating in the day’s events. If you would like to visit for the day, please contact our Director of Admissions, Mr. Haney, at 302-656-3369 (ext. 3039) or send an email to

What day can I come to St. Elizabeth?

Eighth grade students can visit beginning the last full week of September. The program will continue through the spring of the academic year. We may restrict students from coming on days when we have special schedules or no academic classes.

Where do I go on my visitation day?

The St. Elizabeth school day is from 7:45 am until 2:00 pm.

You should arrive at the school’s main entrance at 7:30 am. Upon arrival, you will meet Mr. Haney, Director of Admissions, in front of the Benedictine Performing Arts Center, the school auditorium.

Your day will end at about 2:15 pm. Once classes end at 2:00 pm, you will be asked to see Mr. Haney for a wrap-up interview and to complete a questionnaire on your experience.

If you are not sure how to find the campus, click here for directions.  Please arrange a pick up location on campus where you will meet your ride at the end of the day. 

What should I wear?

If you go to a Catholic middle school, students may wear their middle school uniform. However, boys and girls can also follow the St. Elizabeth fall/spring dress code:

  • Khaki or dress pants
  • Collared or polo shirt
  • Dress shoes

Should I bring anything with me?

Lunch will be provided for you. The only thing you really need to bring is your enthusiasm for the day! You may choose to bring a notebook and pen if you wish to jot down notes while you are on campus.  However, an iPad will be provided for you for the day so you can experience our 1:1 environment.

Can I choose my guide?

Yes, you may request a guide. In addition, there are a number of students who are trained to serve as Viking Ambassadors for eighth grade visits. If there is a particular interest that you have (e.g. student government, math league, volleyball), we can match you with a Viking student who participates in that activity or sport.